Engaging in COP28

The Representatives of the Bahá'ís in the United Arab Emirates, in collaboration with Representatives of the Bahá'í International Community’s UN Office and the Bahá'í International Community's Representative to the Arab countries, participated in COP28 hosted by the UAE. The conference emphasized unity, cooperation, and inclusivity as its distinctive features. Throughout this historic conference, contributions from local, regional, and global Bahá'í offices focused on several fundamental values and principles, all aimed at redefining humanity's relationship with the natural world. The discussions placed particular emphasis on the importance of collaboration, oneness of humanity, and involving all segments of society, to achieve this goal. The spirit of unity was highlighted as crucial to translating these values into tangible actions in the world.

We participated in the panel discussion at the Student Energy Summit 2023 COP28 on The Role of Youth in (Re)Imagining and (Co)Constructing Sustainable Communities. We discussed the importance of the youth's effective involvement in building their communities, highlighting its connection to climate change and the principles and values guiding their efforts. Participants shared stories of young individuals making a difference and addressing climate change-related challenges in their communities.

In collaboration with the Climate Governance Commission and with Representatives of the Bahá'í International Community’s UN Office a COP28 dinner event was hosted at Masdar City. Engaging discussions unfolded among participants, highlighting the significance of our collective endeavors in shaping a promising future for humanity.