Community Service

When doing selfless service alongside other members of society, the bonds that are based on friendship and love become more prominent and so does the common goal of service for the betterment of the world. In this manner, service can be regarded as an individual’s expression of responsibility towards others, and where all participants become active in community life. Service is an expression of the nobility that humanity was created from and inspires us to give without expecting anything in return. Service is the means to achieve betterment for ourselves and our communities.

It is through service that the dual purpose of humanity is fulfilled; developing ourselves morally and mindfully and then contributing to the betterment of our societies. These two advancements go hand in hand, as every individual is a part of the larger society, so his/her actions contribute to the common weal. When this goal is clear for us, we can overcome prejudice, isolation and ego and develop the virtues of love, human solidarity and cooperation.

For this reason, Baháʼís all over the United Arab Emirates strive to participate in the enhancing of a pattern of life that calls for the participation of people from all walks of life. The developmental needs of all ages are met; the spiritual education of children, directing the powers of junior youth and so, protecting them from being led away from their morals, creating spaces for larger numbers of youth and adults to apply moral values to their daily lives and enabling them to face the challenges that they come across.

These paths of service spring from the fundamental principle of the oneness of mankind, in which we view everyone as a coworker. When we work together, we increasingly realize that our individual wellbeing lies in the wellbeing of all of society and our commitment to the prosperity of all.