Social Discourse

We engage in dialogues on social development, seeking to contribute to the well-being of our community by collaborating with various entities. We focus on areas such as coexistence and peace, gender equality, the role of religion and media in promoting tolerance, the youth's role in community building, and the well-being of families and the environment. We aspire to participate with others to explore new ways of promoting peace, unity, and coexistence among followers of different religions and components of society in the UAE.

Be anxiously concerned with the needs of the age ye live in, and center your thoughts and deliberation on its exigencies and requirements.

Participation of Baháʼí International Community in a meeting for religious leaders and officials of the World Bank

On the international level, the Baháʼí International Community is the representative of all the Baháʼís around the world. Baháʼís are from all nationalities, races, religious, cultural, social and economic backgrounds. Through the offices based in Geneva and New York, as well as regional offices in Addis Ababa, Brussels and Jakarta, the “Baháʼí International Community (BIC)’ is active on a global level as it assists and works with the United Nations and its agencies.

The ‘BIC’ was registered as a non-governmental organization in the United Nations in 1948, it acts as consultant to the Economic and Social Committee (ECOSOC), to UNICEF, as well as for United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP). The ‘BIC’ works with the UN and its specialized agencies, as well as with member nations of the UN, governmental and non-governmental organizations, academia and specialist business owners. It has also contributed to UN efforts in sustainable social development, equal rights, human rights, education, environment and other fields.

المؤسّسات والمساواة بين الجنسين في المنطقة العربيّة

تناولت الجامعة البهائيّة العالميّة قضايا المساواة بين الجنسين ودور المؤسسات في تحقيق التقدم بالمنطقة العربية في حدثها الأخير. تعمّق في النقاشات الغنية والأفكار الملهمة التي قُدمت من قبل خبراء من الإمارات، البحرين، وتونس.

اكتشف كيف يمكن للمبادئ والسياسات أن تشكل مستقبل المساواة بين الجنسين.

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Engaging in COP28

The Representatives of the Bahá'ís in the United Arab Emirates, in collaboration with Representatives of the Bahá'í International Community’s UN Office and the Bahá'í International Community's Representative to the Arab countries, participated in COP28 hosted by the UAE.

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Social Discourses

The representative of the Baháʼís of the United Arab Emirates, Dr. Roeia Thabet, participated, along with a number of researchers in this field in a discussion panel on 7th November, 2022 titled: ‘the role of women in building peace.’ This was organized by ‘TRENDS Research & Advisory.

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Interfaith Discourses

Representatives of the Baháʼís in the UAE contributed in organizing and preparing a series of regular discussion panels with leaders and representatives of different religions in the UAE to help achieve a unified vision of the role of religion in strengthening the values of unity, tolerance, peace and..

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Seminar on Values of Coexistence & Equality

The Representatives of the Baháʼís of the UAE participated and helped to organize an Arabic language seminar entitled: “The Role of Equality and Coexistence in Enhancing Social Prosperity in a World Driven by Innovation and Digital Transformation”.

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