Family Life and Children

The family is the nucleus of human society, it is the environment that develops commendable attributes and skills. The habits and patterns of behavior that are developed in the family are transferred to the workplace, to the local community, to social life and eventually, to national and international politics and policy making. When the family relationship is bound together in solidarity and love, and these bonds are preserved and protected, then the family becomes the embodiment of the fact that the wellbeing of an individual is strongly related to the wellbeing and advancement of others.

How easily, where unity existeth in a given family, the affairs of that family are conducted; what progress the members of that family make, how they prosper in the world. Their concerns are in order, they enjoy comfort and tranquility, they are secure, their position is assured.

As such, Baháʼís work continuously to strengthen the spiritual bonds that tie the family unit together, every member of the Baháʼí community makes a pledge to contribute to the safeguarding of the dynamics of a family life that adheres to the equality of men and women, that develops values of love and mutual respect between parents and children and strengthens consultation and harmony in decision making.

In our family lives, we strive to instill true love that includes all people, practice tolerance even though we have differences and instill a strong sense of justice and empathy towards others. We work hard to raise our children to understand the unity of mankind and so, look at every human being, regardless of race, ethnic background, religion or nationality as members of one human family in accordance to the teachings of Bahá’u’lláh: “Ye are all the fruits of one tree and the leaves of one branch.” When we ignore the needs and welfare of some, we cannot commit to justice and fairness for all.

The main responsibility of family is to raise children who take ownership of their spiritual development and their role in the development of civilization. Parents are the main educators of their children and must continuously take this responsibility into account. However, the responsibility of the education of children does not fall solely on the parents’ shoulders, society has a crucial role to fulfill and that is why the Baháʼí community give education such importance.