Unity, Coexistence and Peace

We work shoulder to shoulder with others for our beloved society, the cultural diversity that distinguishes the UAE has enriched the beauty of human fraternity and enhanced our roles as individuals living to instill the values of love, harmony, cooperation and unity, not only in our children, our youth and our families, but in the society we belong to.

They are committed to the prosperity of all, recognizing that the welfare of individuals rests in the welfare of society at large. They are loyal citizens who eschew partisanship and the contest for worldly power. Instead, they are focused on transcending differences, harmonizing perspectives, and promoting the use of consultation for making decisions. They emphasize qualities and attitudes—such as trustworthiness, cooperation, and forbearance—that are building blocks of a stable social order. They champion rationality and science as essential for human progress.

As Baháʼís, we are aware of our responsibilities of practicing noble values among our families and in our interactions with people around us including; our neighbors, colleagues and all other daily interactions. With that in mind, how can we strive together to find spaces that help us to instill noble values and moral standards in our children and our friends’ and neighbors’ children? How do we help to direct the energies of junior youth towards living meaningful lives and promising futures? How do we empower our youth to realize their life goals and to embrace their responsibilities in the advancement of their country, in both their higher education and their careers? How does our participation in social discourses help to elevate human conscience and enhance fundamental values that unite us as one family living together in a wider society? What is the im-portance of strengthening the life of worship in our communities? And how do prayer gatherings with friends and neighbors from different cultures and religious backgrounds contribute to strengthening the bonds of co-existence between all the people in the society? How do all the above-mentioned elements contribute to building an exemplary society in which human welfare, love and unity prevail, so as to become the nucleus for achieving world peace?

Ye are the fruits of one tree, and the leaves of one branch