Youth Gatherings

Selfless service to society is the cause for both individual growth, and increasing the capacity to contribute to the betterment of the community. Youth have a sincere desire to leave a positive mark in their local communities. For this reason, youth gatherings (for those aged between 15 and 30) are conducted, in which participants are invited in an interactive environment to explore the topic of selfless service to all segments of society. The aim of these gatherings is for youth to gain more insight into the important role their generation has in developing and serving their communities. Participants reflect on the attributes, characteristics and attitudes necessary in service, in order to strengthen unity, tolerance and co-existence in their local and national communities.

Although your realities are shaped by a broad diversity of circumstances, yet a desire to bring about constructive change and a capacity for meaningful service, both characteristic of your stage of life, are neither limited to any race or nationality, nor dependent upon material means. This period of youth you share is experienced by all - but is brief, and buffeted by numerous social forces. How important it is, then, to strive to be among those who, in the words of ‘Abdu’l-Bahá, ‘plucked the fruit of life.

Youth Forums (Local and International)